Brian Godsey- Dean

Mr. Godsey is a dedicated educator, coach, and athlete with a lifelong commitment to sports and education. As a student-athlete, he attended Taft, where he developed his passion for running and athletics. He went on to compete in cross country and track for California State University, Northridge (CSUN), honing his skills and discipline as a runner while earning his BA in Kinesiology as well as his teaching credential.
After his collegiate athletic career, Mr. Godsey returned to his roots at Taft, this time as a coach and physical education teacher. He dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation of athletes, guiding students in both cross country and track. His impact extended beyond the track and field as he transitioned into the Dean's Office, where he continued to contribute to the school community in a leadership role.
Mr. Godsey is also a devoted husband and father, balancing his professional responsibilities with a loving family life. His passion for running remains a central part of his identity, reflecting his lifelong dedication to health, fitness, and personal excellence.