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Understanding Your Child’s School Transcript
Parents often hear about records and transcripts that are kept at school and sent to colleges and universities. What do these records contain and what records are sent to colleges? The following is a general list of the information that is included on one’s transcript.
  1. All final academic marks earned by a student at the end of each semester in grades 6 through 12.
  2. All coursework attempted for which a mark was earned.
  3. If a student receives a mark of “D” or “Fail” in a subject and that class it taken later and a higher mark is earned, the new grade is recorded on the student’s record. However, the previous grade remains on the student’s record and both grades are computed in the student’s grade point average.
  4. Information identifying all schools that the student attended while in high school and the dates of attendance.
  5. PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, Advanced Placement scores and other local and state testing information.
  6. Credits earned toward graduation.
  7. Student’s overall grade point average (usually posted after graduation).
  8. Student class rank, which is based on a ranking of students in the graduating class by grade point average (usually posted after graduation).
  9. Classes taken at colleges and universities as well as accredited private schools and programs, if and only if the student requests those transcripts to be sent to his or her high school.
  10. Information concerning the student, including birthplace, birthdate, parent or guardian name, address and local telephone number.

Other information that may be reported on one’s transcript (decision to record this information is made by the Board of Education) could include the following:
  • Final marks in work habits and cooperation earned at the end of each semester.
  • Information concerning significant honors and awards.
  • Information concerning significant attendance concerns and disciplinary actions.
  • Incidents of student dishonesty may be recorded on the student’s transcript and sent to colleges to which the student applies.

This information is normally included in about four pages. Parents may request a copy of this document periodically to verify its accuracy. Every high school has a procedure by which parents can challenge incorrect information that appears on their child’s transcript.