Dress Code

Taft High School Students are expected to select clothing that is appropriate for the "business" of learning. Clothing must fit properly and not be disruptive to the educational process. The following is a list of requirements agreed upon by a committee of students, parents and staff:
  • PANTS must be worn at the waist/hips, not too long or too big, and be able to stay up without a belt. No short shorts.
  • SHIRTS must cover the midriff/torso area, (where the bottom of the shirt at least meets the top of the pants/skirt), should not advertise or promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, violence, foul/obscene images or language, and must not be culturally insensitive.
  • UNDERGARMENTS are to be worn as designed, under clothing and should not be exposed.
  • ACCESSORIES must be safe and appropriately worn to complement one's own personal style:
    • Only Taft logo hats or beanies can be worn outdoors with the bill faced forward.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times; designed for comfort, safety and ease of movement. No house slippers.
    • Chains must be of reasonable length and connected from the belt loops to the wallet.
    • Spiked collars, wristbands and other dangerous items are not allowed.
Students in violation of the dress standards will be instructed to remove the item or to replace it with something more appropriate. Parents may be required to come to school to bring appropriate clothing for students who do not adhere to the standards.
VIOLATION IS DEFIANCE and may result in an in-house suspension, Saturday School, out of school suspension or the student being transferred to another school.