Aaron Hasson- Problem Solving Data Coordinator (Testing/Technology)

In the realm of educational technology, Aaron Hasson stands out as a seasoned Testing and Technology Coordinator with an impressive 19-year track record at Taft. Armed with a Master of Arts in Education, specifically focusing on Instructional Technology, Aaron is positioned as a valuable resource for inquiries related to Schoology, Chromebooks, CAASPP Testing, and general technology matters.


Throughout Aaron's extensive tenure at Taft, there has been a steadfast commitment to integrating technology seamlessly into the educational landscape. The expertise he brings to the table ensures adept navigation of Schoology, optimization of Chromebook functionality, and the smooth execution of CAASPP testing processes. Aaron's collaborative and solution-oriented approach aims to empower both educators and students, facilitating their journey through the intricate terrain of educational technology. For personalized guidance and collaborative solutions, reach out to Aaron Hasson for a seamless fusion of education and technology expertise.