About Me

I am a San Fernando Valley native having grown up in Studio City. My aptitude for math began in the fifth grade. When it came time to apply to college, I figured it was the only subject I really liked. I was fortunate to get into UCLA where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics. As I was approaching graduation, I still was uncertain if being a teacher was what I really wanted to do. I thought about being a CPA or an attorney, but my dad told me to get a teaching credential. The state of California was in such desperate need of math teachers that they were offering scholarships to continue one's education. I received enough money that it not only paid for a fifth year at UCLA to get my masters degree in secondary education, but it was enough to pay for my previous four years as well. In my second semester of teaching, I met the love of my life Coach Drucker. We married in 1993 and welcomed our daughter the year after. I love to travel, watch movies, cook and bake. During my time at Taft, I have had some exceptional students in class and built great relationships with their families. My colleagues are amazing people to work with and being a teacher has been most rewarding.