Spanish Courses at Taft


Recommended Prerequisite(s): Ability to speak Spanish and by instructor approval

This course is intended to develop increased proficiency in communicating orally and in writing in Spanish according to the cultural practices of the countries and regions where Spanish is spoken Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, the United States, and others. It is equivalent to Spanish 1AB and 2AB for non-heritage speakers.



Recommended Prerequisite(s): None

Spanish 1AB is a year- long course that will introduce students to the language and cultural topics of various Spanish speaking countries. Course will require active participation through basic conversations, vocabulary development, grammar, reading and writing in the target language. At the end of the course, students must understand and communicate by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language.



Recommended Prerequisite(s): Spanish 1AB

Spanish 2AB is a year- l year-long course that continues to build on the foundation of the language skills learned in Spanish 1: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, the imperfect tense, the present perfect tense, direct and indirect object pronouns, informal and formal affirmative and negative commands, and the present subjunctive (regular and irregular). Writing, speaking, listening skills, and reading comprehension skills will be developed further and students will acquire a broader vocabulary dealing with contemporary themes. Students will be exposed to more in-depth cultural and historical matters of significance throughout the Spanish-speaking world.