Physical Education/Baseball Coach

Hello my name is Coach Derry


I'm a dedicated physical education teacher with a passion for movement, exercise, and empowering students to embrace an active lifestyle. With four years of experience in shaping young minds and bodies, I bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the field of physical education.


I have been teaching physical education for four years now, spending my first three years at Nobel Middle School and have just finished up my first year here at Taft. I am always trying to improve my skills in creating engaging and inclusive PE programs that cater to students of all abilities and interests. Whether it's introducing fundamental movement skills to beginners or challenging seasoned athletes to push their limits, I am committed to providing every student with the opportunity to thrive.


At the heart of my work lies a genuine belief in the transformative power of exercise. I believe that physical activity should be enjoyable and accessible to all, and I strives to create an environment where every student can discover the joy of movement.


My dedication to promoting fitness extends beyond the classroom. As the head baseball coach at Taft for two years, I have not only imparted the technical skills of the game but also instilled values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in my players.


My hope is that students are not just learning how to exercise—they're discovering a lifelong passion for health and wellness. As I continue to try and inspire the next generation, I remain committed to helping every student reach their full potential, both on and off the field.