Welcome to the AIAT

 The Academy of Integrated Arts and Technology (AIAT) Program is a unique LAUSD full inclusion gifted program.  The AIAT program starts on the beautiful Portola Charter Middle School campus for grades 6 through 8.  Students then continue the program at Taft Charter High School’s diverse campus for grades 9 through 12. 
As a full inclusion program, the Academy is home to gifted and twice-exceptional students.  The definition of a Twice Exceptional or “2E” Student is a student who is identified or verified as academically gifted and is also eligible for special education services.  Our gifted program boasts extraordinary benefits for all of its students such as two to three adults per classroom with a general education teacher, special education teacher and a paraprofessional with a small classroom of 25 students.  There is also flexible seating, access to an indoor student lounge lunch area, Chromebooks issued to each student, and a small community feel with access to the Taft’s large variety of electives and AP classes. 
The curriculum at the Academy is also unique in that it includes skills to benefit the whole child such as integrated social emotional learning, organization/ time-management/ goal setting skills, art, and technology.  Our rigorous academic lessons focus on conceptual understanding, critical thinking, problem solving, and quality over quantity.
AIAT Organization:
  • Academic classes are co-taught and can have the support of up to three adults – General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher and a paraprofessional.
  • access to student lounge (indoor lunch area) for AIAT students
  • student issued Chromebook
  • access to resident school’s electives and/or AP opportunities
  • access to “SPA” for student centered mindfulness and self-regulation
  • opportunities for small group instruction with peer to peer modeling
AIAT Curriculum includes:
  • integrated social emotional learning
  • integrated organization/time-management/goal setting
  • integrated arts
  • integrated technology
  • project based learning,
  • grading based on the tenets of Mastery