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Explore the Arts at Taft Charter High!
Taft’s Creative Arts Program provides an opportunity for all students to excel artistically across the spectrum of the visual and performing arts in a challenging academic environment. CAP also includes hands on, real life experiences with the culinary and business arts.

Performing Arts Courses
  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced)
  • Dance Team

  • Beginning Drama
  • Advanced Theater Ensemble
  • Stage Crew

  • Marching Band (plus Color Guard, Winter Guard and Drum Line)
  • Concert Band
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz Band
  • Guitar
  • Vocal Ensemble (advanced)
  • Choir (beginning/intermediate)
  • Music Technology
  • AP Music History 

Visual Arts:
  • Advertising Design
  • Design Craft
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • AP Art History
  • Yearbook

Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Advanced Graphic Design (Design Studio)

Animation (Career Technical Education)
  • Animation 1
  • Animation 2

Business Arts:
  • Fashion Design
  • Advanced Fashion Design (Fashion show production)
Dianna Arena, Linda Cleary, Eileen Capinha-Viadero, Myra Flores, Daniel Gruber, Lina Hajj, Dennis McKinley, Natalia Ramos, Bill Sehres, Lauren Serowik

Among our many accomplishments
  • Taft Charter High School is a GRAMMY Signature School.
  • Fashion Design has been featured on ABC news and LAUSD Journal
  • Digital online certification opportunities for students.
  • Vocal Ensemble: 16 straight years of Superior ratings.
  • Participants in the CSUN arts exhibit.
  • Winner of the Brad Sherman Congressional Art Competition