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Student Drop Off

The Taft High School safety committee has reviewed the school's traffic plan and modified it to improve the orderly flow of traffic around Taft High School. We want to create a safe environment for our students.
Traffic will follow a clockwise movement to permit students to be picked up and dropped off against the school curb. Please be sure to pull up past the entrance driveway to the faculty parking lot. If the lane is full please proceed to the next available space at the curb. No students should be dropped off inside the faculty lot.
Please observe the "No Stopping" signs posted on the west side of Winnetka from Ventura Blvd. to the faculty lot entrance, and on the south side of Santa Rita from Del Moreno through Penfield.
Students who are dropped off across the street from school must use the corner crosswalks! The police plan to enforce all traffic rules, including jaywalking. Gates will be locked at 8:00 AM daily for safety. Students who arrive after school begins please enter through the Administration Building.
The safety of all Taft High students is very important. Your cooperation in ensuring student safety will be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Steiner