Computer Science

Computer Science class photoComputer Science Principles (CSP)

(AP) Computer Science Principles course is designed to be equivalent to a first semester introductory college computing class. In this course, students will develop computational thinking skills vital for success across  all curriculum, such as using computational skills to analyze and study data and working with large data sets to analyze, visualize, and draw conclusions from trends. This course engages students in the creative aspects of the field by allowing them to develop computational artifacts based on their interests. Students will also develop effective communication and collaboration skills by working individually and collaboratively to solve problems, and will discuss and write about the impacts these solutions could have on their community, society and the world.
(AP) CSP is a full year course for students ​in the Magnet program. It is the first of the two foundational courses of the Taft HS Computer Science Magnet curricula.

Computer Science class photoComputer Programming & Game Design (CP&GD)

Computer Programming & Game Design class transitions students from thinking about computer science as a tool to solve their own problems towards considering the broader social impacts of computing. Through a series of design challenges, students are asked to consider and understand the needs of others while developing a solution to a problem. Students build on their coding experience as they create programmatic images, animations, interactive art, and games. Students will practice design, testing, and iteration, as they come to see that failure and debugging are an expected and valuable part of the programming process.
Computer Science Principles course is the pre-requisite to Computer Programming & Game Design.

Computer Science class photoAP Computer Science A (CSA)

AP Computer Science A introduces students to computer science with fundamental topics that include problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, organization of data (data structures), approaches to processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing. The course emphasizes object-oriented and imperative problem solving and design using the Java language. These techniques represent proven approaches for developing solutions that can scale up from small, simple problems to large, complex problem. AP CSA course curriculum is compatible with many CS1 courses in colleges and universities.
AP CSA is the culminating AP course in Taft HS Computer Science Magnet curriculum.