Enrollment for 2024-2025

As you are thinking about your student's academic pathway for high school, you will have an opportunity to learn about Magnet programs being offered in Northwest and Northeast schools in LAUSD in one central location. Please see the flyer for details.

In Person Campus Tours

Taft Charter High School will be offering a campus tours in order for you to get a better feel of our school overall. We will present information on the curriculum, enrollment, and selection process and timeline. Student and parent representatives will be available to answer any questions after the presentation. Please sign up here: https://bit.ly/TaftMagnetTourFall2023
We will meet in the library to host in person campus tours for students and parents to attend on the following dates/times:
Please note that the 2023-2024 Magnet online application period will be from October 2 to November 17, 2023 through the Unified Enrollment website at apply.lausd.net or you can mail the application inside the Choices brochure available at all school sites. The application must be mailed and postmarked by November 10. 
Unified Enrollment Website: apply.lausd.net or GoTo.LAUSD.net     
Choices Brochures: ENGLISH / SPANISH
LAUSD Magnet Website: lausdmagnets.com
Gifted Eligibility Criteria: LAUSD Gifted Information for Magnet Centers     
Openings 2023-2024: 122
Program Capacity 2023-2024 (9th-12th): 491

Magnet Application Timeline

October 2 - November 17, 2023: On-time application period
February 1, 2024: Choices late application period begins for 2022-2023 school year
March 2024: Placements are expected to be announced by LAUSD (Selected, Wait-Listed and Late)
April 2024: Parents must accept or decline the student's Magnet placement electronically via the parent registration website or by contacting the Magnet Coordinator via email or by phone.  Selected students who do not respond by the given April deadline will be automatically declined by Student Integration Services 
After April's deadline to respond: Students on the wait-list will be notified if there is space available