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Mission & Vision

Taft Charter High School will serve our diverse student community by preparing students for the 21st century through rigorous classes providing college and career readiness. Our students will gain the necessary academic, technological, and interpersonal skills to successfully compete in today’s global society. 
Taft Charter High School will provide students with opportunities to foster their individual interests and talents through innovative programs and multi-faceted instruction allowing students to develop a voice and become lifelong learners. 
Upon graduation, Taft Charter High School students will be able to
Synthesize Creative Thought: think critically and problem solve by formulating, designing, organizing, and creating their own work through the application of theories, concepts, and analytical methods. 
Demonstrate Informational Competency: find, evaluate, ethically use and communicate information through library, media, and technological literacy. 
Collaborate: lead and work cooperatively with others through the use of multi-cultural awareness and interpersonal skills. Students will have respect for diversity and interact positively with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles.