Requesting Accommodations for College Board and ACT Testing

College Board testing consists of the PSAT, the SAT and AP exams.  If a student has an IEP, 504 or a medical condition that requires accommodations, and if you want those accommodations for College Board testing, we must submit a request to the College Board for you.  In order for us to submit the request, we must have the attached form on file at Taft. (at the bottom of this page)  This request must be made only once in order for your student to receive accommodations for all College Board testing.  
For the best outcome, the request for accommodations should be made at least two months before the student's first College Board exam.
For ACT testing, an ACT consent form must be on file as well. (See form below)
Students must register for an ACT exam before the accommodations request is made. Therefore, ACT accommodations requests are usually made during junior year. When the student registers for an ACT test, they will be asked if they are going to request accommodations. Their answer should be yes, if they have a 504 or and IEP (or a medical condition that requires accommodations). The ACT usually approves these requests quickly, however, the earlier the student registers for an ACT exam, the better so that we can get the accommodations approved as quickly as possible.
After a form is signed, it can be scanned and emailed to [email protected]