Timeline for Sophomores

William Howard Taft High School Code: 053806
Re-evaluate your high school plan to make sure you are on track for graduation. Review your course selections to make sure you are meeting college requirements. Update your personal file you started freshman year. Get involved in school and community. Join school clubs.
Visit the College Office to explore college catalogs and other materials. Listen to the announcements to sign up to take the PSAT. Try out for sports, join clubs, volunteer in the community. Find your passion and pursue it!
Take the PSAT. Draw up a list of careers that interest you and determine the best post-secondary path to achieve them. Attend the LAUSD College Fair; you can meet college reps and attend college workshops. Attend college rep meetings in the College Office (listen for announcements)!
Keep up with your studying and grades. 10th grade is a critical year in college admissions. Visit the College Board website and explore different schools. Start thinking about the elective classes you would like to take next year.
Review your PSAT results and figure out how to make improvements, if needed. Talk to parents, teachers, and classmates about the classes you are interested in taking for next school year.
Use the U.S. Department of Labor to research your career options. Re-evaluate your high school plan to make sure you are on track for graduation and college. If you haven’t already done so, join clubs, volunteer in the community, get involved.
Keep a record of the hours you volunteer, the organization, and describe the kind of volunteer work that you do. Put this information in your high school file you created freshman year. Attend Honors/AP information meetings at school and apply for appropriate classes for junior year.
Stay focused in school. Study and keep up your grades. Think about running for student government and/or taking on leadership roles in clubs at school.
Start thinking about ACT and SAT testing. You may want to find websites that offer sample ACT and SAT tests. Keep up with your classes and outside activities. Apply for scholarships; it is free money for college.
Get a summer job, if possible or volunteer in the community or attend a college summer program. Tour a local college campus or take a community college class. Plan to use your summer wisely!