Timeline for Juniors

William Howard Taft High School Code: 053806

Ideally, you've already been thinking about college and investigating your choices, but now is the time for action.
  2. Meet with your counselor and make a plan to make-up any Ds or Fails. Make sure you will complete all of you’re a-G requirements with a C or better in each semester.
  3. Make plans for summer and apply for summer programs early in the spring at a college or university, volunteer, or get a job. Visit the College Office to research summer programs and/or go online for programs.Register for the SAT and/or the ACT. The SAT currently costs $49; the ACT costs $34 ($49.50 with the writing). If you plan to apply for competitive private colleges, check if SAT subjects tests are required. Some majors at UCs may recommend subject tests.
  4. If you took the PSAT, review results and study materials that come with them.
  5. Decide if you will need test preparation workshops or materials for the SAT and/or ACT and make arrangements early.
  6. Fee waivers are available if you participate in the free or reduced lunch program. If you don’t, pick up a lunch application in the College Office or Cafeteria to see if you qualify.
  7. Register in time to take the SAT in May or June of your junior year.
  8. Register in time to take the ACT in April or June your junior year.
  9. Register in time to take the SAT Subject Tests (if required).
  10. If you plan to apply to private colleges and universities, think about who will write your letters of recommendation. In general, you will need two teachers and one counselor to write for you. Some out-of-state schools may also require letters of recommendation.
  11. If you need a counselor recommendation letter in the fall, give your counselor at least two weeks prior notice so that they have time to complete all of the necessary paperwork. Please be courteous of their time. They are writing letters for many students and you want yours to receive all the attention that it deserves. (Most private colleges require a counselor and two teacher recommendations.)
  12. Start working on college essays over the summer. Good writing is rewriting.
  13. Remember, financial aid is available. Start looking into scholarships now. The College Office has many scholarship opportunities, so don’t be a stranger. Stop by and see what the office has to offer.
  14. Start working on your Brag Sheet now. Keep accurate track of all your activities, in and outside of school.
  15. Research colleges and universities. If you can, visit nearby campuses so you can get an idea of what opportunities are out there for you. Explore and have fun!! It doesn’t cost you anything. Call the campus admissions office and schedule a college tour. Check the individual college websites for more information.

In order to get a fee waiver for the SAT, ACT, college applications, and AP exams, YOU MUST BE APPROVED for the free or reduced lunch program. You must complete a lunch application EACH year in order to be on the list. If you are not, pick up an application NOW in the Cafeteria. If you are not on the lunch list, you will pay $60+ for each college application, $49 for the SAT, and $87 for each AP test. No exceptions!! Make sure your parents also complete the lunch application for your SENIOR year.
  • Private & Independent California Colleges and Universities www.aiccu.edu